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Hey there everyone. Thanks for checking out the Modern BioPharma Podcast. My name is Jesse McLaughlin and I've been working in and around the BioPharma space for the last 8 years. As I've gotten to know the companies, products, and people in the industry, it's become clear to me that we need to do more to connect the stories of the people workin gin and around the development of the next generation of therapies for humanity.

It takes an incredible amount of people, knowledge, cooperation and time to both design and construct as well as operate the modern biopharma manufacturing facility. The research and manufacturing arm of these facilities where therapies, vaccines, and pharmaceutical ingredients are discovered, studied, and processed are full of engineers and scientists with experiences and stories that can incrementally help us continue to improve how things are done and connect this small world of people to each other. That is the mission of the Modern BioPharma Podcast.

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